We are a software design company
that builds beautiful and useful apps.

Recent Work

  • project_1

    NetUse Traffic Monitor the best way to monitor traffic on the Mac

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  • project_2

    Color Petals is a very addictive puzzler with a unique and fun way of refreshing your math skills.

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  • project_3

    Gotta Smoke? is the easiest way to get smoke free.

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What we do

At Prime73 we create only the apps we most want to use and are most passoinate about. Design is our passion, our expression, and our means to communicate your vision. We don't believe in writing extensive specs or in strict approaches. The best software is made through an iterative, flexible process, by small teams that ‘own’ the problem at hand.

Who we are

We a very selective and intimate team of professionals with extensive experience in all facets of the design and software development. We believe in creative freedom. We are stronger together than apart – it is our team’s collective creativity, skills and knowledge deliver the Best User Experiences and bring Ideas to Life. Our highly talented team, proven methodologies and relentless motivation to excel come together to create revolutionary concepts that effectively raise the bar for applications design.